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    About Divine Photography

    Divine Photography is an initiative started by Raghav Gubbi, offering professional wedding photography services.

    We believe that the lens speaks more than words and a single photograph is enough to tell an entire story. Being hopelessly romantics, our motto is to make you feel like a celebrity on your special day!

    Hailing from a commercial and lifestyle photography background, our styling and lighting techniques have hints of fashion elements, adding glamorous and endearing touch to make your big day seem larger than life, right out of a movie!

    Being globetrotters, we cater to clients from all over the world.

    From exotic destinations and wedding food, to the lovely couple, friends, relatives and family, we love everything about weddings. Be it the blushing bride, the groom stealing a glance, friends and family beaming with joy, wedding locations or traditions, rest assured that we will capture it all!

    So the next time you get down to planning your or your loved one’s D-Day, and need those priceless moments captured, you know whom to contact! We strive hard to capture those unnoticed moments, the otherwise forgotten memories, the unexpected perspectives, and the unique personalities specific to each couple, their families, relatives and friends. Come, let’s celebrate it together!

    Your wedding day is all about you and how you want it to be. We always strive hard to make artistic and compelling imagery that you will cherish forever. We create images that you would treasure. For us your wedding is the most important thing. It’s important that you are relaxed and you enjoy every moment cause the day is going to be very busy and go by faster than you think. Be assured that we are going to photograph your day for you to remember forever.

    Wedding Coverage

    For us wedding coverage is all about capturing your wedding day in the best possible way. By being there all day, we get the moments that happen through the day. We cover not only the key events but everything that happens in between. A bride getting ready, a groom sharing a joke with his friends, an emotional moment when father & mother watch their daughter taking wedding rituals, moments during the ceremonies, those stolen glances, the buzz, shouts, laughter and many more of such memories that are part of your day. We won’t rush you for a photograph, no need to have a mock ritual or fake a smile during ceremonies. Being unobtrusive, we let the events unfold around us, while we take photographs in a creative & artful way.

    There was a time when it seemed hard to find a professional photographer and now the individuals are facing the same difficulty and that is to specify an efficient one. Wedding photographer in India has become one of the booming businesses, the large number of wedding professionals have brought the confusion. Simply, the individuals wish to get the best, but they have least knowledge for the specification.

    Wedding photography covers many aspects from rituals to pre wedding photo shooting. There are still some individuals who have least knowledge about these customs. Pre wedding photography is a matter of event where couples like to spend some special moments and the role of the photographer is vital to capture those, whereas rituals are the definite customs that each and every Indian family wishes to cover. So, all of these aspects of photography need expertise hands and at the same time availability and specification of such photographer is important to make a deal.

    Some Important Scale of Photography:

     An effort of photography can be defined through creative effort and dedication. A photographer may be shooting at a sea beach or at a wedding ceremony, the solution deals with the activities performed by the same hands. Now, what are those activities? An individual should have the knowledge of such activities to hire the best wedding photographer in India

    Best Wedding Photographers In Bangalore

    We all know how important a wedding is for the bride and groom. And to live those moments forever the couple wants a photographer, so that he/ she may capture those happy moments for eternity. And the couple doesn’t just want any wedding photographer in Bangalore the couple wants the best wedding photographer for their special day. And a wedding photographer is someone who captures all the activities of the wedding while the focus being the bride and the groom.

    Wedding photography in India is flourishing very rapidly. New trends and exciting things are introduced every other day. The social media has a lot of effect on the wedding industry as people are always interested and updated by what the celebrities and other people do on their wedding days. It’s like everybody can see each other’s wedding very closely on social media with all the details. And due to social media, these trends keep on changing. And as we are moving forward in time, a lot of the older trends are becoming outdated.

    Why should we set aside traditional wedding photography?

    Nowadays people find traditional photography monotonous and boring. And this is the reason people are trying out new things with their wedding photo shoots. And there are many new aspects of wedding photography that have come forward due to this. Old traditional wedding shoots are out and if you decide to get one for your wedding then you’re going to stand out in a bad way and nobody wants that. People want to be ahead of everyone else hence all these trends are so popular in the first place.

    With a society where each of us can see what others are doing, we see new trends daily, and those are the ones we should go for. Some of the photo shoots that are very popular nowadays are Pre wedding, Wedding and even destination wedding photo shoots. And that’s not it! People also go for Luxury wedding photo shoots. These shoots are the ones that cover the so-called Big Fat Indian Weddings.

    Luxury wedding shoots are very different from any traditional wedding photo shoot. Each and every detail in the luxury shoots are well thought through. And there is also Premium Wedding Photography.
    Because if you are going to have a premium wedding, then why not a premium wedding photo shoot? And with all the new things in style like the smoke bomb exits, it is the photographer that plays an important role in capturing those surreal moments that only occur once in a bride and grooms life.

    Why these trends are most popular in metro cities like Bangalore?

    People living in metro cities like Bangalore are trendy and fashionable. They don’t get tired of following major trends, as people from Bangalore usually the ones who start these in the first place. People here love the social media attention, and what can get you more attention than your wedding photos?

    As people are up to date with all the trends they also know that only following trends won’t do, but they also have to hire the best wedding photographers in Bangalore, if they want to flaunt their wedding photos online.

    When it comes to Wedding, couples always go for best wedding photographers in Bangalore as they know that the better the photographer the better the wedding album. And you really should be looking forward to hiring the best weddings photographers in Bangalore too as they will be experienced and skillful. A regular wedding photographer in Bangalore will not be able to meet your expectations that you have been building for some time. Another huge difference that you are going to notice is in the service. Top wedding photographers in Bangalore are experienced and are aware of all the challenges that they might have to face during a wedding shoot, but a regular wedding photographer might not be that skillful. A general photographer may not be good with providing services other than photography.

    What are the things the best wedding photographers in Bangalore has to be good at?

    It’s not just about capturing the bride and groom, a photographer captures the children playing the cousins having fun and also the family members.

    And the best wedding photographers in Bangalore has to be good at capturing emotions and moments whether it is the chemistry between the couple or the love between the bride and her father.

    So, in this scenario, the best wedding photographers in Bangalore always needs to be updated about what the recent trends are going on in the industry so that they can satisfy their clients to the fullest. After all, the clients always come first in the industry. This is because the best wedding photographers in Bangalore are selling their services directly to the client and for this to happen they need to try their fullest to provide up to the mark services with full accountability and responsibility. The professionals like wedding planners, wedding photographers, etc. can never lag behind their work as it is the matter of one day and things just can’t go wrong. So if you are searching for the best wedding photographers in Bangalore, you’re in right place. We at Divine Photography will be happy to help you with that.

    Candid Photography

    The advent of Candid Photography brought about a revolution in the Indian Wedding Photography Industry. Naturally it was only a matter of time before the humble and traditional ‘Documentary’ Wedding Video too evolved into something more creative and contemporary. And sure enough, the ‘Cinematic’ Wedding Film was soon born.

    Fairytale Weddings deserve to be replayed like a ‘Fairytale’ too. Cinematography achieves this by bringing together the creative minds and eyes of the DOP’s and cinematographers with multiple cameras, varied angles and compositions, and a host of modern and advanced equipment like dollies, stabilizers, automated motion-control equipment, aerial cameras and more. The result is a brief, beautiful film that tells not just the story of your big day in a manner that’ll have you grinning from ear to ear every time you watch it, but will allow you to truly relive those moments in a splendid fashion for a lifetime.

    Candid Photography will put a different level in your Pre-wedding. Whether you are having a destination marriage arrangement, think about us to a grand wedding Photo session. For a great result, meet a cameraperson who adepts good technics and has proper knowledge in capturing candid. Not only that we have a cluster of experienced wedding filmmakers who will direct your wedding film with a perfect harmony. We assure you to feel free before us and share your plans or thoughts and get help from us. A marriage consists of several wow moments between the couple or bride and groom that seem to be captured instantly. But to get a perfect, colorful moment you must keep in mind, what you are wearing or jewellery you are trying. Never ever forget to keep a smile on your face and that give you the completely beautiful shots of your wedding.

    Wedding Films

    We love moving pictures as much as we love stills.
    With the cuts and callouts, every wedding film we make is a collage of all those memorable moments that you didn’t want to miss.

    Weddings are a celebration of love and a start of a new journey. Be the stars of your own story and let us tell it like no one else. We make soulful films that will touch your heart and which will document precious moments of your big day. Our films are handcrafted with lots of love.

    Each film is handcrafted with stunning cinematography peppered with honest and real moments, the process of making films is a time-consuming exercise where all ingredients of a great film – story, background score and colors often go through multiple iterations before the film comes out of our edit-table.

    We would like to travel if you have a wish for the destination wedding. We will have no problem to fit in such a position and make your wedding the dream wedding. We want your wedding snaps to be admired highly and trust us it will make everyone to see it again and again. If you are looking for a team of expert Wedding Photographers and Cinematic wedding we are the best choice for you.

    Pre-wedding Photography

    In our experience, one of the best ways to get best couple pictures is – to go for a pre-wedding shoot. For us, the couple shoot is about you both getting a good time with one another, away from the hustle-bustle of the wedding and that’s what we look forward to the most. Getting the best versions of yourselves in pictures or in films is the topmost desire in your mind and we work with you to do just that.

    Marriages unions are made in paradise and this is the most hallowed event in one’s life that is intended to be caught into immortal pictures. Divine Photography is an exceptionally perceived Pre Wedding Photographer in Bangalore India with a tremendous encounter of wedding photo-shoots in India and abroad. As a top Pre-Wedding Photographers in Bangalore, we additionally embrace pre weddings photo-shoots in any area of your decision. We have the experience of chipping away at photography assignments that have been both fascinating and testing and yielded dazzling visuals. We endeavor to ensure that we live up to our customer desires.

    Professional Pre Wedding Photography and Photographer in Bangalore India

    Our best pre-wedding photography skillfully draws out the sentiment, emotions, and the remarkable science between each couple in the photos while catching the invaluable snapshots of adoring looks, sentimental articulations, delicate contacts, and shared giggling. It is the authentic photography style that immediately catches real feelings and genuine affection between couples. Our photos say a lot about the nature of our work and polished methodology.

    Pre wedding is a bundle of joy, excitement, nervousness all captured in pictures and videos.
    It is an opportunity for couples to express their feelings and getting to know each other more closely. It is a time to have fun, discuss your life ahead and get comfortable with each other.
    We get involved from their selection of dress to location to make up to their hair style, making sure they look their best on their most important day. We strive to give them a day filled with memories.

    Pre Wedding Video Shoot

    At The Wedding Knights pre-wedding video shoot expertise offers an alternative for capturing precious moments along the way! Our pre-wedding shoot services cover visually satisfying moments prior to your special day. From proposal to engagement and other moments of importance, our videographers are ready to create beautiful stories that capture your love.

    You now have the option of sharing your pre-wedding love with one another on a day that celebrates love and bonding. The Wedding Knights offers an alternative of multiple location shoots, props, and other accessories required for the duration of the shoot. If you are looking for a modern pre-wedding video shoot, a romantic shoot, or a rustic one with a traditional touch, we’ve done it all. Skim through our pre-wedding video shoot gallery and you’ll notice how we’ve utilized different editing styles to make the best use of each location.

    Every moment of this journey is precious, and our pre-wedding shoot services cover it all. From the intimate moments to the loud laughter’s, pre-wedding video shoot concept is about capturing the moment you surfaced your love for you to watch and admire for years to come. These short glimpses are a great way to surprise your guests and share your love tale from the time it began!

    Maternity Photoshoot

    Motherhood is an exciting journey where your body goes through a transformation to create a new life within. It’s also very emotional time for the couple and that’s why we love to document these moments of the couple. We have extensive experience in capturing and doing portraiture work to show that special 9 months journey and the special bonding of the about-to-be parents.

    Our favorite maternity collection involves the multiple sessions starting from the first trimester to document the entire journey which will be cherished forever by not just the parents but also the child who would always have these memories of their excitation and love for the upcoming baby.
    For a woman being a Mother is the most beautiful phase of life. Nowadays Maternity Photoshoot is becoming an important part of this phase so that you can cherish these moments forever.

    It is said Time is relative. The best moments in our lives pass by in a whir. What only remains of them are immortal memories, and a bunch of timeless photographs! From the slight corner of that smile, to the gleam of those tears in your eyes, the intricacy of your henna or the petals that caress your feet, we promise to capture every moment as you witness it. For when you look back, we want you to travel to that moment that you preserve so well in your heart..

    New Born Baby Photography

    The joy of welcoming a new born in the family is inexpressible. And such lovely moments are always framed forever in the minds. But you can frame them at your home, in your album, and enjoy the same happiness when you first held that little baby in your hands or ushered him in your home. Our best photographers to capture those sensitive and moments of emotional bonding artistically.

    Be it the maternity shoot, or pictures for new born gallery or even a baby shower we work hard to give them the memories that they would like to hold on to for lifetime.

    We love to capture the beautiful and innocent expressions of the babies.
    we have a setup, experience and most importantly the patience to work with babies and create beautiful memories that will last generations. We specializes in capturing their unique expressions which capture their innocence and playfulness. where do a short session every month and prepare a special moment book for the first birthday screening.

    Product Photoshoot

    Nothing works in the advertising and marketing world than glossier images, creatively captured pictures, and skillfully displayed products. Even if your product is of high quality enriched with multiple features, one wrong display can turn off the consumers. Our team knows the right approach towards making your product a big hit through their skillful, dynamic and creative photography.

    We use the right blend of lighting, techniques, cameras, color schemes, backdrops and innovative approach to make your product look attractive on every page of the catalogue, packaging or the magazine cover. Our stylists, retouches and account managers guide the entire campaign from the start to completion to ensure that the photography operation delivers expected commercial success.

    Interior Photography

    When it comes to interior photography highlighting the decor in every corner, on walls, floors and ceiling just require supreme expertise. Using the right light, lenses, setting, and angles decide whether the picture is going to be amazing and alluring or not. Are you interior decorator/architecture who wants to create a portfolio of his work and present it to the clients or post it on personal blogposts/websites or even Twitter/Instagram/Facebook page? Divine photographers can definitely help you to enhance your credibility as an interior decorator in the business world.

    Portfolio Photography

    We capture authentic, contemporary and emotional memories that pull at your heart strings.
    Our wedding photography style is personal and intimate, bringing out beauty in even the smallest of moments.

    Our photos are reminders of love, family, friends and countless timeless moments which are sure to make you look back on your wedding day with a lot of joy and warmth.

    Why to choose Israni Photography as the best wedding photographer in Bangalre?

    We at Divine Photography believe in innovation. We here are a team of passion-driven photographers and cinematographers who love capturing the special moments of your wedding so that you can cherish those moments even after many years your wedding. We also provide exceptional services apart from photography like makeup, hair and outfits, you name it and we got it. So if you are someone who is looking for Best Wedding Photographers in Bangalore then you should really consider as we are a Bangalore based company who have shot hundreds of wedding here.

    Our Philosophy is not only to capture a perfect picture rather we ensure to seize the perfect moment and promise to gel our artistic talent with the latest high definition technology which produces best results that will amaze you!! We believe that a wedding is a very personal emotion which must be made according to the client’s taste and choice, so we love customizations in our work.

    The Break Point of Joy

    What happens when 2 fashion photographers look to photograph life in real time?
    They find people. People bursting with laughter, crying in happiness, emoting in silence…they discover the other side of the picture.
    This is their journey down the rabbit hole in search of something deceptively simple – the break point of joy.